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A Community Led Approach to Sustainable Rural Development


Yorkshire Dales LEADER Programme has been set up to build a sustainable community and economy that capitalises on the area’s environment, landscape, culture and heritage.

Posted on: 13/12/17

Updated National issued Applicant Handbook LIVE NOW

...shows there are a few differances. From the beginning of our launch in 2015, until November this year, any grants issued under the Farm Productivity or the Forestry Productivity Defra Priorities had to be for Defra approved items only. If the capital equipment wasn't on the list, as supplied by the Managing Authority, we couldn't fund it. Page 15 of the new National Handbook has opened the door a little on the national blanket approach to LEADER areas funding the same equipment. So, what does this mean actually? Well we still will not be able to fund buildings. However, LEADER is Community-Led Local Development, for the benefit of a specific area, so we have a brief window to allow applications from the agricultural and forestry sector to seek funding for capital items that are not usual practise in our area - even if they are not on the "approved list". We will do our best to ensure your success smile

An extract from the guidance is below:

“Grants are not available for investments in usual agricultural or horticultural practices, buildings or equipment. If you are not certain whether the items that you are proposing to include in your project are usual practice in your area or sector, and they are not covered in the tables below, please contact Rima Berry, rima.berry@ydmt.org who will consider:

•Whether the proposed project is usual practice in the Yorkshire Dales LEADER area

•Whether the proposed project brings about innovation or improvements in productivity or delivers other key benefits ….”


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