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A Community Led Approach to Sustainable Rural Development


Yorkshire Dales LEADER Programme has been set up to build a sustainable community and economy that capitalises on the area’s environment, landscape, culture and heritage.

Posted on: 05/02/18

Last deadline for EOI submissions

Update from LEADER 05/02/2018:


As a consequence, due to the number of Expressions of Interest received to date significantly exceeding our allocation, we are closing the programme to new Expressions of Interest.

The programme will close to any further Expressions of Interest in two weeks’ time, last Expression of Interest being accepted at 5pm on Friday 16th February 2018.


The remaining funds in the programme will be subject to strong competition, however we will retain the existing procedures to allocate funds. This means:


  • A project will only be allocated funding when we receive a fully complete and eligible Full Application form, funding remains available and the Panel approves the application.
  • The table below summarises the Panel dates together with submission deadlines.


Yorkshire Dales Panel Date

Submission Deadline

(submit Application before 24:00)

5th June 2018

6th March 2018

17th July 2018

23rd April 2018

18th September 2018

25th June 2018

 21st November 2018

4th September 2018

16th January 2019

17th October 2018

13th March 2019

3rd December 2018


  • Once funding is fully allocated, subsequent Panels may be cancelled.
  • The level of competition should not be underestimated, so work on the application is at your own risk.
  • We will continue to work with the RPA to request further funding, however current indications are that this is unlikely.
  • If your application is also eligible for another grant, then we would encourage you to apply to that funder rather than LEADER.


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