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A Community Led Approach to Sustainable Rural Development


Yorkshire Dales LEADER Programme has been set up to build a sustainable community and economy that capitalises on the area’s environment, landscape, culture and heritage.

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Yorkshire Dales Leader Programme

The programme is closed as of 09/05/2018. No further applications are being accepted.

Closure of our grant schemes to Full Applications will occur once all funding is allocated.

Here is the list of leaflets, reports and other publications we have available online.


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Sample Full Application

Sample Full Application (PDF)

Sample FA Guidance notes

How to complete an Full Application Guidance(PDF)

Forestry Capital Grant

Forestry Capital Grant SP3_03 (PDF)

Micro, Small Enterprise and Farm Diversification Capital Grant

Micro, Small Enterprise and Farm Diversification Capital Grant (PDF)

LEADER Application Handbook

National Issued LEADER Applicant Handbook v5.1

Non Eligible Costs

Things we cannot fund under LEADER (PDF)

National Guide

National Guide to Managing a Successful LEADER Project v1.0 (PDF)

Forestry Call Poster

2106 Forestry Call Poster (PDF)


The LEADER Local Development Strategy 2014-2020.(PDF)

Yorkshire Dales Local Food Map Study

THe results of the Yorkshire Dales Local Food Map Study 2011 (PDF)

LAG registration form

To register an interest in joining the Local Action Group.(PDF)

Sustain and Enhance Rural Services

Sustain and Enhance Rural Services Grant (PDF)

Tourism, Heritage and Culture Capital Grant

Yorkshire Dales Capital Tourism, Heritage and Culture Grant (PDF)

Dales Farm Capital Grant Scheme

Yorkshoire Dales Farm Capital Grant Scheme 2 (PDF)

Eligible Farm and Forestry equipment list

List of eligible farm and Forestry items (PDF)

LEADER Briefing

LEADER Briefing Note 1 : Joining the Executive panel (PDF)

Executive Nomination Form

Yorkshire Dales Nomination Form

Appraisal Scoring

Full detail of how your project is Appraised and Scored (PDF)

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