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A Community Led Approach to Sustainable Rural Development


Yorkshire Dales LEADER Programme has been set up to build a sustainable community and economy that capitalises on the area’s environment, landscape, culture and heritage.

Our Calls for Projects and how to apply

Yorkshire Dales Leader Programme

All the details you need to submit an EOI to LEADER is to be found here! 


1. Applicants endorsed at Expression Of Interest (EOI) stage are invited to submit a detailed Full Application (FA) and supporting documents by the agreed date specified in the invitation to FA.


2. Be advised that it should take no longer than 60 working days (3 MONTHS)  from submitting a complete FA to receiving a funding decision on your project.


The Yorkshire Dales LEADER Programme is now accepting applications; see below if there is an Invitation relevant to your funding requirement.

Our Farm Productivity Capital Grant programme is now OPEN. List of eligible and ineligible equipment is HERE (click on link)

The Expression Of Interest (EOI) (excel format) is in our Download Library.

Guidance on how to complete the Expression Of Interest is in the Download Library and a link is here.

Please refer to the National LEADER Applicant Handbook for full details of the LEADER Programme and National Guidelines. Any queries contact Rima Berry, the Programme Co-ordinator.


LEADER Funding and Timescales:






EOI Application Deadlines


      FA Deadline

Executive Decision PANEL Date Meetings


Submit Full Applications well in advance of the Panel you wish to be considered at (up to 3 months)

National LEADER Handbook


Micro, Small Enterprise and Farm Diversification Capital Grant

(closes to EOI on 03/09/18)


Yorkshire Dales Tourism, Heritage and Culture Capital Grant

(closes to EOI on 03/09/18)


Sustain and Enhance Rural Services Grant

(closes to EOI on 03/09/18)


Forestry Capital Grants

(re-opened 15/06/17, closes to EOI 03/09/18)


Dales Farm Capital Grant Scheme (closes to EOI on 03/09/18)


We reserve the right to alter this date and ALL Invitations to Apply may be closed as soon as all funding has been allocated.







EOIs and Full Applications are assessed on a first come first served basis.






  LAST DEADLINE for submission of Full Applications is 3rd December 2018.

We reserve the right to alter this date and all Invitations to Apply may be closed as soon as all funding has been allocated.







6th March 2018

(submit applications before midnight 11th December)


5th June 2018

(submit applications before midnight on 6th March)


17th July 2018 (submit application before midnight on 23rd April)


18th September 2018

(submit before midnight on 25th June)


21st November 2018

(submit before midnight on 4th September)

16th January 2019

(Submit before Midnight on 17th October 2018)

13th March 2019

(Submit before Midnight on December 3rd)







If you fit our criteria, fill out an Expression of Interest (in our download library)


The Application process:

LEADER is a two stage application process:

1: The EOI form (this is in our DOWNLOAD LIBRARY and is an EXCEL document). This is an expression of interest and not a grant application.

2: The Full Grant Application form is issued by the Programme Co-ordinator should the EOI be successful.


LEADER is a very competitive grants process. The Full Application is scored during the Appraisal process.


PLEASE NOTE: ALL supporting documents and ALL quotes supplied by an applicant as part of the Full Application submission are thoroughly checked and verified.


Priority is given to projects that are distinctive, innovative, involve wide partnership working, represent good value for money and have the potential to leave a lasting legacy to the Yorkshire Dales LEADER area.

Projects must be of benefit to the economy in our area. 70% of the projects that we will fund must involve direct economic benefit and job creation. 

We cannot invest in Capital Projects that fall outside the LEADER status area.

See the Defra guide on how to manage a successful LEADER Project here




At the Full Application stage, please take extra care in getting quotes for the items to be funded. We check each quote very thoroughly and will reject a cost item if any of the three quotes cannot be verified as genuine quotes.


Once a Full Application has been submitted we will not allow submission of any "re-quotes" should a quote be unsatisfactory.

The guidance on quotes is in the National Applicant Handbook. The extract is included below also.

"Quotations for items of expenditure

Applicants need to send quotes, references to webpages or catalogue listings that prove they’ll get the best value when buying goods and services that they intend to claim for.

This table explains how many quotes, catalogue or webpage references are needed, depending on the value of each item. (These thresholds are based on what the applicant will actually pay – so if they are VAT registered and able to reclaim VAT, it will be the net price of the item; if they have proved that they are not VAT registered and will be claiming irrecoverable VAT as part of the project, it will be the gross cost i.e. net + VAT)


Value of item or service

How to show value for money

£1,500 or less

2 quotes or references to 2 catalogue listings (including online suppliers)

£1,501 to £10,000

3 quotes or references to 3 catalogue listings (including online suppliers)

£10,001 - £50,000

3 quotes or 2 quotes and a reference to a catalogue listing (including online suppliers)

£50,001 or more


Quotes Requirements

All catalogue listings, webpages or quotes are scrutinised to make sure that they are genuine and independent of each other.

The submission of fraudulent information, including quotes, is a criminal offence and could result in prosecution.

All submitted prices, whether catalogue listings, webpages or quotes must come from:

  • different suppliers that trade as standalone businesses and are not linked through shared ownership; and
  • a business that’s independent from the applicant or their business.

They must be:

  • for items that are comparable to each other in terms of quality, size, quantity, units and specification;
  • from the last 9 months  and

References to catalogue listings or web pages should be print-outs or photocopies. They should include:

  • the date when they were printed or copied;
  • the item description and the price;
  • the name of the company or catalogue; and
  • the page number or webpage address

Quotes must include:

  • a detailed and itemised breakdown of costs;
  • the supplier’s address, telephone number;
  • the supplier’s company registration number (if they are a limited company).

It is also preferable for quotes from VAT registered suppliers to include the VAT number. If this isn’t possible then applicants will be asked to provide the VAT number separately.

 Quotes must be

  • put together by suppliers within an identified timeframe and follow a detailed and itemised specification provided by the applicant
  • made out to the applicant business - online quotes should also be addressed to the business.

The RDPE Programme requires applicants to get the best value for money for any equipment, so applicants will need to give a detailed justification if they haven’t used the cheapest quotes. Quotes will be checked against market rates.

The following reasons will not be accepted as sufficient justification for why the applicant has not used the cheapest quote:

  • the location of the supplier;
  • the fact they have bought from a supplier before; or
  • any offers the supplier makes about future service or maintenance of equipment.

If applicants provide fewer than the number of quotes  specified in the table above, they will need to demonstrate that there are no other alternative suppliers available, either domestically or globally and that the quote selected represents value for money and is fit for the purpose of the project."




Who can apply?



LEADER can support a wide range of applicants, including:


  • Small and micro Businesses
  • Community/Voluntary groups
  • Social Enterprise
  • Parish councils
  • Registered charities
  • Local authorities

Am I in the LEADER area?

The projects that can be supported must lie within and have an economic benefit to the rural communities and businesses within the Yorkshire Dales LEADER status area. Check if you are in our area on this site: http://www.magic.gov.uk/MagicMap.aspx


  1. Go to magic.gov.uk
  2. Accept the terms and conditions of use
  3. In the Table of Contents on the left of the screen, tick Administrative Geographies
  4. Click on the ‘+’ sign next to Other Administrative Boundaries and when the options are presented, select Rural Development Fund eligibility for LEADER groups (England)
  5. In the ‘Map Search’ at the top left of the page, click on the triangle in the white box and select ‘Postcodes’
  6. Enter the postcode of the project and click on the search icon in that box. The map should zoom to the relevant area
  7. Click on the ‘I’ information icon in the centre of the Feature Tools at the top of the screen and then click in the blue box on the map

A box with the Site Check Results will appear showing the name of the relevant LEADER area and, if the postcode is in a rural area, the LEADER name and code under ‘Rural areas’ section. If the postcode is NOT in an eligible rural area, this section will state, “No features found”.


News Alerts for Full Applications


I don't really need 3 QUOTES for each item I want grant for do I?

Yes, Yes, YES!!

I cannot stress this enough - for EACH item you are requesting grant for we require 3, THREE, GENUINE quotes.

Genuine - this means as sent to you by the supplier Company. EXACTLY as sent to you by the Company giving you the quote. Again, I cannot stress this LOUDLY enough. Do not tamper with any quotes that you submit to us, do not alter figures the supplier has quoted for, do not hand write in additional costs, do not inflate prices. The quotes submitted to us must be exactly the quotes that you have received yourself.

Already know who your preferred supplier is and can't get/be bothered to find a third supplier? - do not make up a quote to save time.

Supplier offers to get other quotes for you? Do not accept anything from a supplier who offers to get the remaining 2 quotes for you. Would you accept best value for money buying a car if the supplier offered to get another 2 quotes to prove he was the cheapest? We wouldn't. Source all quotes yourself.

And last, but not least. Never constantly re-use quotes from suppliers, just changing the address details of the applicant.

These are real examples from projects that have been automatically rejected because the quotes are not genuine. It's not worth the risk is it? We check ALL quotes.




New Full Application Appendix (Excel)

A corrected version of the new version Full Application Appendix v1.2 (removing the duplicate cashflow tab and correcting the formatting of a couple of date cells which were somehow in American month/date/year format) has now been made available. If you have already been issued with the old version, simply ignore the second cashflow tab - or ask Rima for the new version.



Do I need PLANNING permission in place?

A funding decision will not be made until the full planning permission is in place and has been reviewed by the project appraisal process. We allow up to 60 wworking days from receiving a Full Application to informing the applicant of the decision - hence you may apply and submit an application with the Planning Validation number and expected date of Planning decision. This is at your own risk and we advise projects wait until planning is in place if there may be issues, because a funding decision CANNOT be made until planning is in place.